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Biodegradable Plastic Bags – What Are The Implications


6 Jun 2022


Plastics are used every day for numerous purposes. A large number of consumables and goods are manufactured using plastics. Bags are one of the widely manufactured product using plastics. The versatility and utility of plastics make it a preferred material for different production and manufacturing processes by plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai. As we all are aware ordinary plastic which are commonly used pose threat to environment. They are made using non-renewable sources of energy. They get piled up and cause pollution and harm the environment. Usage of such traditional plastics also increases the carbon emissions. For a sustainable environment it is important to use plastic bags that are bio-degradable and made of eco-friendly materials. Today a number of plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai are making biodegradable plastic bags Dubai. Super Plast Plastic Factory is one of the popular biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in UAE. High quality biodegradable plastic bags Dubai adhering to the industrial standards is made by Super Plast Plastic Factory.


Biodegradable plastic bags as the name suggest are easily and quickly degradable and decomposable plastic bags. They are decomposed by microorganism. Biodegradable plastic bags are non toxic and cause minimum or no pollution. These bags are made using less energy. Biodegradable bags reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources and reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere. Besides being easy to dispose they can also be recycled.


Biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in UAE use renewable sources of energy to make biodegradable plastic bags Dubai. Sometimes the material used for making biodegradable plastic bags Dubai can also be plant parts like starch, oils etc. These bags are structured in such a way that they break down in the presence of enzymes, bacteria, light and other environmental factors. There are two categories of biodegradable plastics. They are bio-plastics which are entirely made using the raw materials from plants such as starch extracted from corn and then the general type of biodegradable plastics manufactured from petrochemicals with added additives. The additives make them possible to decompose and breakdown easily and quickly when exposed to various environmental factors. Recycling biodegradable plastic bags Dubai reduces the issues of landfill and even the recycled waste is sometimes utilized for biogas or as compost.


Bio-plastics manufactured from plant materials are great source for making the soil fertile. The recycled biodegradable bags can also be used as raw material for making new products. This reduces the amount of waste in the environment. Disposing of normal plastics releases toxic chemicals to the atmosphere. Methane and other chemicals get released into the environment which can threaten and disrupt the whole ecosystem.


With people becoming more and more aware about the harmful effects of traditional plastics, the recent years have seen tremendous rise in the usage of biodegradable plastics. Many plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai are depending on it for producing various products. Biodegradable plastics bags are now preferred by the majority for its reliability and versatility.


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