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Plastic Manufacturing Companies in Dubai, UAE


As one of the best plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai, we offer products in an array of colors, types, thicknesses and sizes. We have bags that suit various needs and that are made of premium quality and environmentally-friendly materials. Our bags are made from oxo-biodegradable materials and are useable in the kitchen, laundry and various other places. Several customers appreciate the fact that we offer oxo-biodegradable plastic bags that are not harmful to the environment.

This form of material facilitates plastic biodegradation in seawater or the air without contributing to any toxicity. The material biodegrades itself in the environment just like other forms of natural waste, only faster. Most importantly, it does not leave behind any toxic residue or plastic fragment during the biodegradation process. If you are committed to utilizing more oxo-biodegradable plastic packaging options, then we would be an amazing option for you. Perhaps you already feel so, having visited this page when searching for plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai city.

With a corporate social responsibility to protect nature, Super Plast does a stellar job of manufacturing oxo-biodegradable plastic bags. We understand the requirements of each client and deliver products in a way that they find economical and more than satisfactory. More importantly, we deal in premium quality products.

Super plast

Biodegradable Plastic Bag Manufacturers in Dubai

Normal Plastics are non- biodegradable and cause environmental pollution. It’s high time that we need eco-friendly products in our daily life. Super Plast produces high quality premium plastic bags which is the best alternative for normal plastic bags. We aimed at reducing the toxic residues that normal plastic leaves in the ground and started functioning as one of the best eco- friendly Plastic Manufacturing Companies in Dubai, UAE.

What we Produce

Super Plast Produces a large variety of Eco-friendly Plastic bags for different uses.
We offer,

1. Plastic Compostable bags for garbage disposal
2. Shopping carry bags.
3. Biomedical colored hazardous bags
4. Garment packaging bags.
5. Grocery plastic bags
6. Courier plastic bags
7. Food packaging plastic bags.
8. Heat resistant food pouch bags.
9. Industrial plastic bags.
10. Nursery plastic bags.

Our features

Super Plast produces multifunctional Plastic bags that suit various needs. Our product is exceptional in,

✓ Sizes, colours, types, thickness for laundry use or for commercial purposes.

✓ Our plastic bags are oxo- biodegradable and are not harmful to nature.

✓Super Plast plastics degrade in soil and sea water without leaving any toxic contents.

✓ We follow strict local and international standards in product quality and have Quality Assurance.

You can choose Super Plast Plastic Bags because,

● Sustainable & Eco-friendly
● Oxo-Biodegradable
● Non-toxic
● User friendly
● 100% plastic free
● Quality Assurance
● Available in different sizes, colours, types and thickness
● Less degradation time

Super Plast functions with an aim to alter the trends in Plastic products in the present world. As we move with bio plastic concepts, Super Plast is becoming the most trusted brand in the eco-friendly Plastic Bags Manufacturing Industry locally and Internationally. We promote compostable plastic sheets and bags and are doing flexible packaging in UAE.



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