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Plastic Shopping Bags

Carry Bags Manufacturers in UAE

As a leading manufacturer of plastic bags, Super Plast produces all types of shopping bags. Not only with polyethylene but also with biodegradable materials. The shopping bags are also called carry bags, vest bags, t-shirt bags and handle bags in different countries. The shopping bags are normally manufactured with polyethylene (PE). There are many kinds of polyethylene but the main kinds used for making plastic shopping bags are HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE. Apart from other companies we have a good supporting infrastructure, latest technology and most advanced machines. So those products always reach the highest standards and meet customer’s requirements and expectations. Also, we provide a large selection of high quality, custom imprinted bags and these will be a great marketing tool for any stores, business, school, clubs or organizations who wish a business growth. Here at super plast safety and strength comes first, all our carry bags are food safe and strong enough for transporting goods to the destination without any damage.We manufacture a selection of Printed (Flexographic printing), Shopping| Carry Bags using the premier quality of plastic raw materials.  Largely, we deal with every sort of shopping bag though you may not see on our website, so feel free to Contact Us in case you have a custom requirement that is not found on this page.

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