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Garbage Bags

Garbage Bag Manufacturers in Dubai, UAE


Garbage bags are a marvel of the twentieth century. Garbage bags have revolutionized our sanitation and cleanliness process since their invention in 1950 by Canadian inventor Harry Wasylyk, as opposed to the old way of having garbage pile up in germ-ridden metal containers.

Garbage bags have now become a common and convenient way to dispose of waste. Plastic garbage bags discourage wet waste from leaking, and since they are lightweight, they are also easy to transport. These garbage bags can be used for a variety of purposes and provide a one-stop solution for all of your waste disposal needs, whether it’s dry or wet waste. For a safe waste disposal procedure, you can use them in your kitchen, office, factory, pantry, Industries, Hotels, Hospitals, or washrooms. To use, simply unroll, tear, unfold, and open.

Super Plast Plastic Factory, among the leading Garbage Bag Manufacturers in Dubai is delighted to announce the production of certified biodegradable and compostable Garbage Bags made from natural feedstocks such as corn. Super Plast Plastic Factory is a professional in the manufacturing of trash bags and bin liners. There are no one-size-fits-all options when it comes to choosing the right garbage bags for offices, factories, hospitals, and other facilities. In addition, the most efficient facilities use a variety of trash bags depending on the application. Super Plast, fortunately, has PCR trash bags in almost every size. We also have a made-to-order solution to meet our customer requirements, wherein we have achieved a reputation in this industry as a quality manufacturer of plastic bags. As being the leading Garbage Bag Supplier in Dubai. we have a well-equipped factory with hi-tech machines that are highly efficient to produce all kinds (sizes, colour and micron) of bags to meet the market requirements. Our bags always stand out in the market because of the quality of raw materials used and its resistance nature to the bottom leakage. Our clients of garbage bags include facility management, hospitals, distributors, shops, supermarkets and government bodies etc. We do offer garbage bags trash bags with print as well (Flexographic printing).


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