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Biohazard Bags

Bio Medical Waste Disposal Bags

Super Plast can fulfil all of your biohazard waste bag needs with a stock of polythene bags that are marked with an international biohazard warning symbol and precautionary procedures with glossy/matte finish printing. Biohazard bags are manufactured in strict adherence to the industry standards and prescribed norms. Our biomedical waste collection bags are Eco-friendly and specifically designed and manufactured to transport and dispose of all type medical waste and other infectious waste in an appropriate way and these are very vital for many businesses and organizations including hospitals, facility management, laboratories, Specialist waste collection companies etc. Also In order to meet our customer’s specific requirements, we offer a full-service custom designing facility in it we can produce and supply biohazard bags in any thickness, size and colour required. We do offer Biomedical waste collection bags with print as well (Flexographic printing).

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