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degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE

What is Biodegradable Plastic, and how does it differ from other types of plastic?


5 Jul 2021


degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE

Manufacturing of plastic bags is done from crude oil, and although it is present for only one generation, its convenience has made it a household name. However, plastic bags have a diverse effect on nature and have been termed as waste. The decomposition of these bags takes very long, and in seawater, they are never entirely decomposed. The degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE classify plastic bags into three significant groups concerning their decomposition. These are polythene plastic bags, plastic bags with accelerated decomposition, and 100% biodegradable plastic bags


Biodegradable Plastic


Plastics designed in such a way that they break up in the presence of microorganisms are called biodegradable plastics. They are usually manufactured by degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE from natural by-products and highly controlled humidity and temperature industrial environments. The most biodegradable plastics are bioplastic, made from plants, and can be used effectively as Bio-Medical Waste Disposal Bags.


Advantages of Biodegradable Plastic bags


The composition of biodegradable plastic bags and their manufacture by Biodegradable Plastic Bags Manufacturers in UAE makes them a solution for the increasing polythene pollution in the world. The various benefits of biodegradable plastic bags are:


1. Conservation of Non-renewable sources of energy


Biodegradable plastic can save the petroleum supplies of the world. Conventional plastic is made by heating and treating oil molecules till they change into polymers. However, bioplastics are manufactured by degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE from natural resources. This, in turn, helps in conserving non-renewable sources like petroleum.


2. Less Carbon Emission


The increase in biodegradable plastics can also lead to fewer amounts of carbon emissions during the manufacturing stages. Moreover, since degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE use plant-based materials, the composting process will also involve the most negligible carbon emission.


3. Consumption of less Energy


The degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE confirm that the manufacturing process of biodegradable plastics doesn’t require large amounts of energy. Furthermore, there is no need to recycle fossil fuels as well. As a result, the effect of pollution on the environment is also lowered.


Difference between Regular Plastic Bags and Biodegradable Plastic Bags


One of the significant environmental issues that humanity has right now is the plastic waste problem. Therefore, the world’s governments aim to reduce the amount of plastic bags after decades of usage. However, people still rely heavily on plastic bags, and as a result, they cannot be removed entirely from modern daily life. The main contributor to the plastic problem is the fact that these bags are considered one-use items. People throw them after using them, causing harm to the environment in the process. According to the degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE, a standard plastic bag usually has a lifespan of 12 minutes. As a result, the global consuming number of plastic bags is recorded at a staggering 1 trillion plastic bags per year.


The main problem regarding regular plastic bags is their decomposition factor. Since these plastic bags are manufactured from polythene, a non-renewable petroleum-based source, and they are not easily decomposed. Generally, the decomposition of an average plastic takes hundreds of years. Moreover, when these bags break down because of decay, they become small pieces that can also harm the environment. According to the degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE, these microplastics unsettle the oceans’ ecosystem. Once these pieces enter the Marine food chain, they result in the death of aquatic life.


On the contrary, biodegradable plastic bags provide a way to counter this polythene pollution. These bags are manufactured from renewable sources like microorganisms, plant starches for petrochemicals. As a result, the level of petroleum-based substances in these plastics is very low. The degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE have proved that these bags can decompose at a faster rate. Moreover, despite being broken into tiny particles, these pieces are less harmful to nature because of their composition.


Generally, the degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE design biodegradable bags in such a way that they start breaking down when exposed to microorganisms like algae, bacteria, or fungi. This lowers down the degradation problem considerably. The most beneficial factor in biodegradable plastic bags is that the materials they are manufactured from are plant-based. This includes substances like wheat or corn starch. Therefore, biodegradable plastic can be termed as an enhancement over petrochemical-based plastic. The manufacture of Biodegradable Plastic Bags Dubai, with a higher amount of natural content, reduces the chances of plastic becoming an environmental disaster significantly.


Therefore, this is some information about biodegradable plastic and its difference from the average plastic bags. This biodegradable version can prove to be of great significance, and a path-breaking innovation when countering environmental pollution is taken into account. Hence the increased manufacturing of bioplastics by degradable plastic bag manufacturers in UAE can lead to a greener and more sustainable future for Earth.

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