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Understanding Biohazard Bags: A Comprehensive Guide to Types and Usage


9 Feb 2024



Biohazard waste is infectious waste that is contaminated with agents that are considered a threat to public health or the environment. Collecting, compiling, and treating these wastes is done using biohazard bags.

Here are some of the biohazard waste listed by the University of Washington:


  • Human and nonhuman primate blood, tissue, and body fluids.
  • Cultures of pathogenic agents.
  • Laboratory waste items that have come into contact with biohazard.
  • Animal waste, carcasses, and body parts exposed to any biohazard.
  • Human pathological waste.
  • Sharps and Lab glass waste.


Along with this IV tubing and other things covered with blood and specimen are considered poisonous waste that goes into bio medical waste disposal bags.


Here in this blog, we will get an idea of the types and usage of various bags offered by biohazard waste bag manufacturers in UAE.


Types and Usages of Biohazard Bags


1. Red Biohazard Bag: These bags are used to separate blood and other infectious waste from hospital or laboratory settings. They are used to carry human anatomical parts, infected animal carcasses, and contaminants that carry saliva, tissue, and semen. As they are dangerous to humans and the environment, biohazard bags used to carry them are designed to give a barrier against infection. The contents in these bags are usually left for incineration.


2. Yellow Bags: These biohazard bags are usually found in laboratory or clinical settings to collect contaminants other than anatomical parts, pathological trash, and domestic litter.

The things that go into this include IV tubes, syringes, aprons, dressings, bandages, pads and soiled gloves. They provide a secondary barrier for infections.


Even though these wastes are not as dangerous as the things that go into red bags, they are necessary to contain infections among the public. Bio – Medical wastage bags manufacturer in UAE supplies these bags to foolproof the containment of infections. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the additional barrier provided by these bags stays relevant.


3. Other types include Autoclave biohazard bags, cardboard boxes with blue markings, and white puncture-proof containers.


  • Autoclave bags: Autoclaving is a process in which equipment is sterilized at high temperatures to kill bacteria, fungi, and spores.


Autoclave bags supplied by biohazard waste bag manufacturers are used to prevent low-temperature plastics inside the autoclave from sticking to the side of the sterilizer or blocking sterilizer vents.


The specialty of these bags is that they are made from heavy gauge polypropylene materials which are more puncture-resistant and withstand high temperatures.


  • Cardboard boxes with blue markings and white puncture-proof containers are bio-medical waste disposal bags used to separate glassware and sharps respectively.


These bags are inevitable for hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in that they create layers of barriers to contain infections and hazards caused by dangerous waste materials. Biohazard waste bag manufacturers in UAE are committed to providing high-quality bags, especially after the spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.


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