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Types of Plastic Bags Used in Hospitals Waste Disposal


1 Jun 2021


We have come a long way with the plastics we use today. In 1862, at London’s Great International Exhibition, Alexander Parkes presented them to the world for the first time.


Plastics are made up of polymers, which are massive molecules made up of monomers that replicate themselves. Ethylene, also known as ethene, is the repeating unit of plastic bags. As ethylene molecules polymerize into polyethylene, they form long chains of carbon atoms, each of which is often bound to two hydrogen atoms.


High-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) are the three most common forms of plastic bags (LLDPE). LLDPE is used in mall shopping bags, while HDPE is used in supermarket bags and LDPE is used in dry cleaner garment bags. The degree of branching of the polymer chain is the most significant difference between these three materials. HDPE and LLDPE are made up of linear, unbranched chains, whereas LDPE is made up of branched chains. A plastic bag’s strength is measured by its content and thickness. We already know that HDPE is the most durable plastic bag material, but how about thickness? Thicker bags of the same material are usually more durable than thinner bags.


Plastic Bags used in Hospitals


Without the use of plastics, modern healthcare would be difficult to provide its services. Plastics have simplified and made health care less painful, from the shell of an open MRI system to the tiniest tubing. The weight of eyeglass frames and lenses has been reduced thanks to the use of plastics. Modern prosthetic systems use them to provide more versatility, comfort, and mobility. Plastic manufactured at Plastic Manufacturing Companies in UAE is used to make artificial hip and knee joints, which helps them to function smoothly and without causing complications. Plastic packaging is suitable for medical applications because of its excellent barrier properties, lightweight, low cost, longevity, and clarity. Plastics are used in many of today’s most cutting-edge medical procedures.


The product portfolios at Plastic Manufacturing Companies in UAE include bedding panels, insulin styles, IV pipes, tuber cups, eye patches, operative gloves, and testing gloves, inflatable splits, inhalation masks, dialysis tubings, disposable gowns, wipes and droppers, urine continent and ostomy products. Thus, there is an assortment of plastic disposable medical devices. There is almost endless use of plastic materials in hospitals.


When it comes to tamper-proof packaging, waste disposal, and medicine transfer, the medical and pharmaceutical industries must adhere to stringent regulations. Because of their adaptability, protective properties, and cost-efficiency, plastics are suitable for meeting the stringent requirements and specifications of the health and medical packaging industry. Plastics allow technologies that help safeguard healthcare products against destruction, keep ingredients clean, and prevent contamination. In addition, the bags in which packaging is done or waste is disposed of must adhere to the state’s regulatory guidelines for plastic disposal and recycling. The bags manufactured by Garbage Bag Manufacturers in UAE must be biodegradable. Plastic medical bags or pharmacy bags are used in these two industries for a variety of purposes, including dressing disposal waste bags, specimen bags, and adhesive closure bags, as well as bedside and respiratory setup bags.


Types of Plastic Bags Used in Healthcare Packaging


Plastics are important to guarantee the safety of health workers and patients from medication packaging to medical device packaging. Plastics maintain and secure medical devices safely and inert so that they don’t interfere with the medicinal system or medication. In exchange, these medical devices do not expose us to illnesses and diseases.

Blister packs, IV bags, and tubing, Tubing packaging, Polyolefin formable film for steam sterilization, Diagnostic device packaging are examples of medical packaging.
Prescription bottles, Veterinary and human medicine dispensers, and Serum vials are examples of drug packaging.

Plastic Manufacturing Companies in the UAE manufacture quality hospital bags in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on their intended use and contents. Here are a few examples:


Adhesive Closure Bags: These bags have a two-wall structure and are not printed. They have a tamper-evident perforation for quick access and are used to enclose adhesives.

Bedside Bags: these bags have two strips of adhesive and can be tied to tables of bed. They are suitable for use in hospitals or nursing homes and patients.

Dressing Disposal Bags: this is a high-density plastic unprinted red bag. They are used to discard wound dressings.

Specimens Bags: These bags are designed for transferring specimens from hospitals to laboratories and feature a danger label. They have a three-wall building and an external pouch to handle the documents involved.

Pharmacy bags: These highly-density polyethylene bags are extremely durable. The adhesive tape is durable and latex-free. The bags are opaque white and thus contribute to the protection of the patient.

Respiratory Setup Bags: Drawstring Respiratory Setup Bags are used to transport respiratory devices such as endothelial tubing and bag valve masks.

Sterilization Bags: green bags are used to sterilize different appliances and equipment.

Waste Bags: Linear low-density liners with sealed bottoms are used as waste bags. They shield the recipient or handler from the contents of the package. They show the biohazard symbol as well as warnings in commonly used languages like English and Spanish. They’re used to transport and dispose of contaminated waste.

Ziplock-Reclosable Bags: These bags have a resealable seal and are used to transport medications or small medical instruments and equipment. The printing is done according to the specifications. For example, depending on the use, these bags can contain details such as “refrigerate,” “lab specimen,” “narcotic drug,” or something else important.

Water Soluble Containers: These bags are used to transport contaminated linen to the laundry and are environmentally friendly. This helps preserve hygiene by limiting medical personnel’s interaction with laundry equipment. At a temperature of 140° F, these bags are fully soluble in water. They can withstand dirty and wet linen for several hours without being damaged.

Transfer Containers: These bags are sealed with a tamper-evident seal. They have a built-in perforation for fast tearing. This seal closure is made with extremely strong adhesives. They are used to safely transport medications from the pharmacy to the location where they’re needed. They are appropriately numbered.


The plastics used in medical packaging, as well as the finished packages themselves, are subjected to a series of stringent tests to ensure their protection and suitability for the intended use, depending on the end-use application. As defined in the United States Pharmacopeia, these tests usually include physicochemical tests, extractable tests, and biological reactivity tests. Biocompatibility tests, such as pain, sensitization, and cytotoxicity tests, can also be conducted for certain applications.


WHO Legal Norms for Medical Bags


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the following are some of the requirements that all manufacturers of such bags must meet:


  • The bags should shield the contents from the outside surroundings.
  • They must be completely dirt-free and sterile.
  • The correct product identity and details should be provided.
  • The packaging material should be non-reactive and should not respond to internal or external environments.
  • The packaging should not harm the product itself in any way.
  • The plastic packaging must protect the product from light, humidity, physical harm, oxygen, and temperature changes.
  • They should be able to keep the contents in their purity, power, and consistency.


In addition, there are different labeling standards for medicines or other contents. Any of the compulsory details to be shown in bags includes drug name, batch number, active ingredients list, specific storage conditions, expiration date, manufacturer’s name, and address, etc.


Biodegradable Plastic bag Manufacturers in UAE


Intending to be a leading Biodegradable Plastic bag Manufacturers in UAE, we introduce ourselves and start our journey. We, Superplast plastic Factory, are a well-known producer in the packaging industry. Our full-service packaging firm provides all packaging options under one roof. The ability to do more, we believe, is the greatest reward for doing something. Our constant goal is to offer the best products and outstanding service to our customers.


The latest technologies, as well as advanced machines, are being used to ensure accuracy in the designs. Component handling, Clean Room Assembly, Precision Engineering and Pharmaceutical Industries, Inspection & Packing, and Automobile Industries all use our products. We have a large client base thanks to our low pricing, in-depth product expertise, and long industry presence. As being one of the leading Plastic Manufacturing Companies in UAE, we manufacture all of our products to meet the desired quality, reliability, functional, and safety requirements as a customer-focused company. For the unit’s smooth and trouble-free operation, we installed an effective state-of-the-art infrastructure facility. Furthermore, we have a wealth of manufacturing experience.


We have a strong infrastructure base that is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology. Our in-house manufacturing facility is equipped with cutting-edge equipment that is low-maintenance and high-performing. To ensure that the operation runs smoothly, the entire facility is divided into different divisions such as manufacturing, quality control, warehousing, and administration. By maintaining a high level of efficiency, our production unit meets the consumer demand for high-quality goods. Our large warehouse and extensive supplier network enable us to carry out our business operations efficiently and effectively.


The consistency and durability of our products are guaranteed by good quality raw materials. In order to achieve our place in the national market, we pursue an ethical business policy.

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