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bio-medical waste disposal bags

Single-use Plastics in Medical Industry: Do they Prevent the Spread of Infection?


29 Jul 2021


bio-medical waste disposal bags

Single-use plastics are used for different purposes and bio-medical waste disposal bags are one of the biggest advantages in the usage of plastic material packaging in the medical industry. Many items are packed in single-use plastic packaging but the users need to commit to disposing of them off properly for recycling or proper waste management. These items were introduced by biohazard waste bag manufacturers in America for food packaging purposes for cutting down the costs and decrease the spread of diseases. Plastic bags were introduced to decrease the use of paper bags that were very common during that phase. More paper requirements contributed to the cutting down of more trees that were a loss to nature.


Single-use plastic products have turned out to prevent the spread of infection and that is the biggest benefit of the material in the medical field. The instruments, like syringes, drug testers, bandages, applicators, wraps, etc. are contained in the disposable containers. Plastic products are useful to keep the items safe and prohibit the chances of contamination. There are many benefits of single-use plastic products and throwing them in the proper designated place is recommended by Bio-Medical Wastage Bags Manufacturer in UAE. Most of the materials used in the medical segment can be recycled but there are still some things that require complex ways for disposal. It is never a good option to throw the one-time plastic material in landfills or trash as littering could cause a disadvantage for everyone in a long term. It can have an ill effect on the environment and even harm living beings.


The major goal of the biohazard waste bag manufacturers is to convert these single-use packaging for recycling or energy usage. There are new ways adopted by people for addressing the challenges and make it profitable for recycling plastic than littering or landfilling it. Some big brands have taken steps as responsible manufacturers and make their users know what best they could do with plastic waste. The large companies have pledged to eliminate the waste amount and make use of the recycled materials for creating a bigger market for recycled content for utilizing the single-use packaging material.


  • BD: It is one of the largest medical device manufacturing companies that use recycled material for its Recykleen™ brand
  • Trex: There are recycled grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, bread bags, and eco-friendly products used for making responsible usage
  • Coca-Cola: They pledged for collection and recycling of every bottle equivalent or can be sold till 2030.
  • PepsiCo: Created recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable packings for decreasing the carbon impact and higher use of recycled materials.
  • SC Johnson: The goal is to send 0 manufacturing waste to landfills from the manufacturing units by 2021. This process will include more reuse and recycle.
  • Toyota 2050 Environmental Challenge: Committed to creating a recycle-based society with the use of eco-friendly material, recycling technology development, and manufacturing new vehicles.
  • Nissan: Target of increasing the rate of usage of new vehicles from end-of-life.
  • Ecover: Eco-friendly cleaning products assured by the company are made from recycled plastic.
  • ANN Inc.: Shopping bags are made with 40-80% content of recycled consumer waste.
  • McDonald’s: By 2025, the product packaging would be obtained completely from renewable, certified, or recycled sources.
  • Unilever: Commitment for making complete plastic packaging recyclable by 2025.


These are just the examples as many companies have understood the disadvantages of plastic waste and focus on bringing some commitments for complete recyclable usage of the single-use packaging. Not only the Bio-Medical Waste Disposal Bags but the other companies associated with the different businesses are coming up with the idea of getting eco-friendly products. The above examples were illustrated to reveal the steps taken by the big brands for recycling and using energy recovery technologies. These items are useful in leaving a positive impact on our lives but an extension of their life and value beyond the single-use would be really helpful.


3 Important Notes:
1. Single-use plastic products have a small environmental footprint than reusable items.
2. Many medical items are designed for use once for the prevention of infection or cross-contamination.
3. Many Single-usable items can be reused or recycled by giving them a second life.





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