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Replacing Single-Use Plastic Products With Biodegradable Alternatives


5 Nov 2021


Plastic products are everywhere. Plastic has become an almost indispensable part of our lives. Go to a grocery store, and you will invariably find plastic bags there. The bags may offer convenience but come at the expense of the environment. The term single-use refers to the practice of using the product and discarding it after one-time use. Here, we will discuss many different reasons why countries and cities ban single-use plastic products. Some of these points might explain why you should also consider using the products of biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in UAE or elsewhere.


SUP Products Are Not Made From Renewable Sources


Almost all of the products are made of a material produced with natural gas and petroleum. These are not renewable materials and are based on fossil fuels. The extraction and creation of the materials create a lot of greenhouse gases, which plays a part in climate change. In contrast, several single-use plastic alternatives, such as biodegradable plastic bags UAE products, are made with renewable sources. Therefore, biodegradable plastic products do not leave the same level of toll on the environment.


SUP Bags Do Not Break Down


Petroleum plastic bags will not degrade at all. Instead of going through a plastic degrading process, the material breaks down into tiny pieces, which end up being in natural habitats such as the sea. On the other hand, the biodegradable products degrade into water, biomass, carbon dioxide and/or inorganic salts as they get exposed to the air, microbes and moisture. Therefore, the raw materials of these products should not have any toxic effect on the environment. It is among the reasons to replace your single-use plastic bags with these degradable alternatives.


The products of biodegradable plastic bags suppliers in UAE and elsewhere offer a good compromise between convenience and degradability. That said, it takes an industrial composting facility to break down these products made from renewable materials. That is to say, you cannot throw the products into the bin and expect the material to break down over time. It is usually essential to have certain components and factors in the degradation environment for the process to happen.


Microbes are among the components.



Biodegradable plastic bags Dubai products also contain polymers that certain microbes, preferably in aerobic environments without methane by-products, can break down and digest. If moisture and temperature and other important environmental factors align, enough microorganisms could stick to the plastic surface, ingest the material, and degrade it enzymatically.


Almost all bioplastic products do not gradually degrade in landfills or home composts due to the lack of those components and factors. Therefore, the challenge for the biodegradable plastic industry, including biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in UAE, is about the degradation process. It requires a specific ecosystem in which the used biodegradable product can be collected for composting, a process that requires industrial expertise.


There Should Be More Bioplastic Items Instead Of SUP Products


Bioplastic products account for a small part of the overall plastic volume across the world. Nevertheless, the rates of bioplastic product adoption are going up, which applies to biodegradable plastic too. With the ongoing replacement, there should be a greater number of these items.

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