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Plastic shopping bags: Can they be recycled?


3 Mar 2022


Plastic bags are found everywhere. Most of things you buy are carried in plastic bags. They are used to contain, store and transport things conveniently. Because of its functionality plastic bags are used regularly. Super Plast Plastic Factory, the finest plastic shopping bags manufacturers in UAE produces good quality plastic bags for different purposes. We have different varieties of plastic bags with all the required specifications. Having more than 15 years of experience in the industry we can undoubtedly say that we are the leading plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai.


As already stated plastic bags are used frequently in our daily lives. However disposing plastic bags is not simple. If plastic bags are not disposed properly it can cause harm to the surrounding environment. There are multiple ways to recycle and reuse plastic bags. Let us discuss how this can be done effectively.


The plastic bags which the stores provide are usually made of high-density polyethylene or low-density polyethylene. These plastic bags are thin and flexible hence they shouldn’t be put in your recycling bin. They will eventually cause damage to your recycling equipments. Light weight and flexible plastic should not be disposed off in recycling equipments.


Many shops have their own recycling centres wherein plastic bags are recycled with suitable machinery. Some stores provide drop-off service where they provide space for dropping off plastic. They then take it to the appropriate place for recycling which has good recycling machinery. At any of such shops you can drop your plastic bags for recycling.
Another option to remove the accumulation of plastic bag is to use it for other purposes like using it as packing material, lining for cans etc. You can also contact waste management facilities to know whether they will recycle your bags. It is also important not to throw away plastic bags which have waste materials directly into the recycle bin. Remember not to keep on hoarding plastics. Plastic bags have to be disposed off wisely.


Plastics which are recycled are mostly melted and used for making new bags. This reduces the consumption of plastic. Recycled plastic are even used for wider purpose. Some of their scopes are as follows.


Benches and chairs


Plastics bags which are recycled can be used for manufacturing good quality plastic chairs and benches.




Recycled plastic are used in the form of composite lumber for making decks. Mixed with wood they are moisture resistant hence are very ideal for manufacturing decks.




Tables often placed outdoor are made of composite lumber. Because of its properties it can withstand the external environment factors like weather.




Using plastic bags turned to composite lumber also ensures less damage for fences.




Instead of placing new liners in garbage and paint buckets it is best to use plastic bags as liners. This multipurpose usage reduces consumption of new plastic.


For Plants


Plastics bags are suitable for covering plants to protect it from weather. You can also cover your fruits which are yet to be plucked using these, thereby preventing the birds from eating it.




Outdoor pillows or patio pillows can be stuffed with plastic. These pillows will no longer get damaged from rain.




Plastics bags are very suitable for packing. Many things can be packed using plastic. It is not only convenient to use but also provides protection.




Plastic bags can be used to cover footwear while you are out in places which are wet and dirty.


It is important to use plastic bags which are of good quality. All bags of Super Plast Plastic Factory, carry bag manufacturers in UAE, are recyclable and are made from high quality raw materials adhering to all industry laws. We can proudly say that we are ranked high among the plastic shopping bags manufacturers in UAE.

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