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Is Plastic More Sustainable Than Paper?


29 Mar 2022


Whether plastic or paper is more sustainable is a debatable topic. People have different opinions on this. It has been found that in order to offset the harmful effects caused by the manufacturing and use of paper and plastic it has to be used as many times as possible. This is often not practicable in the case of paper products. The durability, flexibility, recyclability and strength of plastic often make it more preferred over paper and a better sustainable choice. Super Plast Plastic Factory one of the leading plastic manufacturing companies in UAE manufactures plastic bags taking into consideration all that is required for keeping in line with the environment responsibility.


A comparison between plastic and paper


The wide use of plastic is often seen in the manufacturing of plastic bags. The greatest advantage of plastic bags is that they can be reused unlike paper bags which cannot be easily reused. Paper bags get easily damaged. They can get ripped off easily and when they get wet they become soggy. Plastic bags do not get easily ripped or get damaged when it comes in contact with water. Since paper products get damaged quickly they have to be manufactured more frequently and regularly when compared to plastic products.


Plastic which are made with eco-friendly materials are recyclable. There are many options to recycle such products. People always give them for recycling and such plastic are used to make numerous types of products. Whereas even though paper is recyclable people often don’t bother to give paper made products for recycling. They often get decomposed without getting recycled. Plastics also can be recycled any number of times. On the other hand paper cannot be recycled after a certain limit. Paper fibre gets thinned out with recycling.


Manufacturing eco-friendly plastic when compared to manufacturing paper is more sustainable. It is said that producing paper bags takes four times as much energy as it takes to make a plastic bags. While eco-friendly plastic bags are made using raw materials which are safe, manufacturing of paper often involves the use of chemicals which can cause damage to environment.


There has been a shift in the manufacturing of plastic products in the conventional manner. Today majority of the plastic products are produced from materials which are environmentally safe. Plastic bags which are biodegradable, easy to break down and those which are easily recyclable are widely manufactured nowadays. Also the process of manufacturing is also carried out in a sustainable manner.


Adopting efficient manufacturing methods, systematic recycling system, reusing and proper disposing (whether it is plastic or paper) are the most sustainable options which reduces harmful impact to environment. Regular plastics products are manufactured without taking into consideration the harmful effects it causes to the environment. Therefore it is always recommended to use plastic products which are manufactured using high quality materials. Super Plast Plastic Factory has different varieties of plastic bags manufactured using advanced technology and the best quality raw materials. Taking care of the environment Super Plast Plastic Factory, the number one plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai, work on the principle of “Reduce-Reuse-Recycle”.


For buying superior quality sustainable plastic bags contact Super Plast Plastic Factory. We can undoubtedly say that we are one of the best plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai.

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