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How to Reduce the Cost of Plastic Bags Consumption


30 Dec 2019


Save Earth

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Plastic bags are widely used by facility management and cleaning companies, facility management companies, and construction companies across the Gulf Region. Plastic is one of the  major expense for these companies and they need to reduce the amount of money spent on plastic bags in order to become more efficient.

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Facility management companies use a lot of plastic bags in waste management – through bins and bin liners. They would do well to begin with a waste audit which will enable them to come up with the most efficient waste disposal strategy that will minimize unnecessary purchases and hence reduce the cost of plastic in their operations.


Here are some measures that companies can take to reduce plastic consumption


1.Segregating the Size

Customize plastic bags to fit the real sizes of the bins. Any change in the dimensions to fit the bin results in greater cost efficiency and a better situation for the environment because you will be using less plastic.  Even if it is only a few centimeters difference, it is still worth it.

2.Segregate according to Micron and Thickness

Facility managers use plastic for bin liners/trash bags. This is one of the major costs. When you reduce the micron, you save money on plastic spend.

It is important to be precise about your collection requirements. Don’t go for a capacity that is higher than the volume of waste that you are generating. Get an optimum number and size of bins for indoor and outdoor. Bins for outdoor spaces may need to be pest-proofed, but indoor bins might not need it. The placement of the bins should be optimized according to foot traffic.

When you classify bin liners in terms of thickness, you can determine the right one for the job.

1.Light Duty Plastic Bags,  Carry a maximum of 5kilograms –  Light Duty bag can be ideally produced at 12 Micron

2.Medium Duty bin liners, Are the most popular and carry a maximum of 10 kilograms.  Medium Duty bag can be ideally produced at 20 Micron

3.Heavy duty bags, Carry a maximum of 15 kilograms and usually serve commercial waste. Heavy Duty bag can be ideally produced at 30 Micron

4.Extra heavy duty bags,  Carry 20 kilograms. Cleaning companies use them to carry garden waste and building debris – Extra Heavy Duty bag can be ideally produced at 30  Micron


Using Virgin Plastic instead of Recycled Plastic Bags

Virgin plastic beats recycled plastic bags in terms of price because of the difference in grammage.

Recycle Plastic Bags  is different from Virgin  plastic, which is made from scraps and recycled material

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