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How to Choose Best Bio Degradable Bags Properly


10 Jun 2023


With the pressing demand to go green, the motivation to use biodegradable and environment-friendly products is higher. Many people have realised the importance of using biodegradable bags, as opposed to plastic bags or paper bags. They have begun to switch to biodegradable plastic bags UAE to do their bit for the environment. This is a very nice move, but even so it is important that you get the best biodegradable bags manufactured from a reputed seller.


What exactly are biodegradable bags?


Biodegradable bags are made from materials that do not harm the environment when they decompose. They will be absorbed in the soil or water as they decompose and soon there will be no evidence of them ever being there. By biodegradable products, we mean products that can decompose without harming the environment or needing any external help.


They are environment-friendly because they don’t need any decomposing measures. If you have been using paper bags to avoid plastic bags, then it is important to understand that often, even paper bags are not good for the environment. They take up space in landfills and release methane gas when they decompose. And they are not really good for the environment because they are made from plants or wood pulp. So that means they are not exactly good for the natural balance of the ecosystem.


Getting the best biodegradable plastic bags UAE


When buying biodegradable bags, it is important to ensure they are from reputed manufacturers. The quality of the biodegradable plastic bags suppliers in UAE is important so make sure to do proper research instead of buying from just any seller.


Here are some tips that would help you buy biodegradable bags.


Are fully compostable


The biodegradable bags must not put a toll on the environment when they decompose, hence they must be fully compostable. They are made of natural plant starch, so they do not produce any toxic material. You can say that biodegradable bags are still like plastic bags that have microorganisms in them to break down the plastic.


Made from eco-friendly, natural raw materials


The Biodegradable bags are made from entirely renewable agricultural sources. That means, they are made from farming by-products that are both eco-friendly and natural. On the other hand, synthetic plastics are made from non-renewable fossil fuels, and they could really harm the environment and contribute to global warming.


The bags are carbon neutral


When we mention that the Biodegradable bags are carbon neutral, it means the bags will degrade completely in the right conditions. However, make sure to buy from biodegradable plastic bags suppliers in UAE that assures this because there are some Biodegradable plastics that release inorganic damaging compounds to the environment.


Some key features in a Biodegradable bag


● The material composition – there must be at least 50% renewable materials on the Biodegradable bag that you buy.
● Durability and strength – the bag must be strong enough to hold your goods and not tear at the slightest instance
● Compostability – It must compost in your home without much trouble.




While shopping for biodegradable bags, make sure they are home compostable; meaning they should break down in a home composting system in the proper manner. They must not release any inorganic or damaging compounds in the environment.

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