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How Organic Biodegradable Plastics Making Changes In The World

8 Apr 2021


Every year, approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used to carry goods such as food and clothing purchased from stores across the world.  Over time, the use of plastic bags has increased. Although plastic bags are very useful in our daily lives, and it seems to be unable to survive without them, they contribute significantly to environmental pollution, animal deaths, human health risks, and other negative consequences.


Plastic bags are complex and expensive to recycle, and most end up at landfills where photodegradation takes place. They disintegrate into small, poisonous particles that contaminate land and rivers and enter the food chain when ingested by animals. Worse than that, even after the dead animal decomposes, the ingested plastic will remain intact. This means that another animal can eat and eventually have the same impact.


However, the issues with the plastic bags begin long before they degrade. Our world is becoming increasingly contaminated as a result of the use of plastic bags.


The effects of plastics are potentially harmful and may prove cancerous or promote endocrine interruption due to the application of chemical additives in the manufacturing procedure. Biomonitoring has allowed the human population to detect chemicals in plastics, such as BPA and phthalates.


BPA aids in the flexibility and durability of plastic. Although this chemical makes plastic more practical for daily use, it also poses significant health risks, especially when it comes into contact with food. High doses of BPA have been shown in animal studies to have the potential to damage reproductive development and function.


According to studies, ulcers, asthma, obesity, and some cancers have all been linked to meals consumed or heated in plastic bags. This is due to the presence of chemicals in plastic bags that will react with the meal when heated.


Plastics are currently all-pervasive in the marine environment and urgent action is needed for this worsening trend. The presence of plastics in the marine environment presents a range of challenges that stymie economic growth. Plastic bags produced by Plastic Shopping Bags Manufacturers in UAE entangled along the shoreline pose a significant environmental danger to tourism. Lower tourism revenue, negative tourism impacts, and harm to the marine environment are all linked to economic losses. Trapped shoreline plastic has a damaging effect on shipping, energy production, fisheries, and aquaculture.


Not only marine life but agricultural land is also threatened with plastic bags. The atmosphere and agricultural land that inadvertently consumed valuable earthly resources, especially oil, are degraded by plastic bags. This now presents a significant challenge for agricultural and environmental production.


Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Bags

Reducing the consumption of the single-use plastic bag is an environmentally responsible move. So many alternatives offer more affordable and far better-looking than plastic bags anyway.

Biodegradable Plastic Bags Manufacturers in UAE

Although several of them are a bit more costly than a plastic bag, they are long-term investments that will save money and the world as well, in the long term.


Jute or hessian

The safest choice is to use jute or hessian bags instead of plastic bags. They are made of long-lasting, naturally biodegradable plant fibers.  Jute is a carbon-sequestering plant that is also sustainable.


When a jute bag comes to an end, add it to the compost heap, where it will finally decompose. Alternatively, recycle it with textiles to get the most out of it.


A reusable grocery totes

The reusable cotton tote bags are beautiful, durable, and easy to use. These tote bags are versatile and can be brought everywhere. These bags never go out of fashion, whether it is as a practical farmer’s market companion or a fashionable gym tote.


Silicone stretchable lids to replace plastic wrap on leftover bowls.

Plastic wraps or adhesive wraps are used for fresher, longer foods on a variety of food surfaces. However, there are now many different wrap alternatives available, such as these silicone stretch lids instead of wrapping the food in plastic. These silicone stretch lids keep the food fresh and safe for a long time. These are also resistant and expand to accommodate any remaining sizes in the refrigerator.


Paper Bags

Paper bags are a great alternative to plastic bags. Paper bags must contain at least 40% post-consumer recycled material and cannot contain any old growth fiber to be approved by most local laws. Paper bags come in a variety of styles and can be a decent substitute for single-use plastic bags. They can be reused many times.


Cotton Bags

Cotton bags have a long life span and can be reused hundreds of times.  Most cotton bags are easy to clean and maintain. They can be washed in a machine with cold water. Cotton bags are made from a range of fabrics including standard, organic and recycled cotton.


When purchasing a cotton bag, users can look for organic cotton options. Cotton farming can have a large water footprint so to offset this you also want to make sure your product is made to last. Organic cotton is produced without pesticides, which reduces the adverse environmental impact of cotton production.


Compostable Bags

Compostable bags are made of recycled materials and can be broken down in either a composting facility or at home. Printing on the bag with soy-based inks is possible without affecting the bag’s compost ability.


Biodegradable Bags

One of the most common alternatives to plastic bags is biodegradable bags produced by Biodegradable Plastic Bags Manufacturers in UAE. Microorganisms can completely break down biodegradable plastic into the water, carbon dioxide, and compost under the right conditions. The word “biodegradable” means that the substance can decompose in weeks to months.


Advantages of reusing plastic products

Everyone is well aware of the tremendous environmental damage caused by humans. This has resulted in new inventions and the creation of ambitious plans to reduce the harm people do every day.


Consumption must be reduced in order to reduce waste and save money. Furthermore, quality should take precedence over comfort. Manufacturing, filling, shipping, recycling, and destroying plastic products all take a lot of energy.


There are many benefits of using reusable recycled products instead of plastic, and the following are only a few of them.


Easy to Recycle

Reusable products produced by Carry Bag Manufacturers in UAE can be recycled when they become worn, damaged, or otherwise unfit for further use, as long as they were made from recyclable materials in the first place. One of the most significant environmental benefits of reusable products is that only about 1% of plastic bags are ever recycled.



By definition, if anything is recyclable, it must also be biodegradable. This is a significant improvement over plastic bags, which can take thousands of years to degrade if left in the natural world. The long-term consequences of all these plastic products in the world can only be bad for our environment.


There is no danger to animals

Few people are aware of the degree to which plastic bags endanger wildlife. Many animals consume plastic products, resulting in digestive issues that can lead to disease and even death. Small animals are often enmeshed and trapped in ways that can injure or kill them. Also in the water, in the lakes, and the ocean, plastic products have similar negative consequences for living creatures. Not only people but also our animal friends benefit from using recycled tote bags.


About ten million barrels of oil could be saved by switching from plastic products to reusable recycled products produced by Biodegradable Plastic Bags Manufacturers in UAE. Recyclable products are also cost-effective, promote recycling, protect the environment, and pose no threat to wildlife. With all of these benefits, it is no surprise that the move to recyclable reusable products is gaining traction on a daily basis.


For over a decade, Superplast, one of the best Plastic Bag Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE based in the heart of the UAE, has been developing innovative solutions for improving the technological properties of biodegradable plastics, and it now holds the enviable status of being the technology pioneer in oxo-biodegradable plastics. At Superplast, we produce a wide range of plastic bags with the best quality plastic films and high-precision welding machines.


Superplast is dedicated to developing new applications, improving performance, and establishing the credentials of oxo-biodegradable technology, resulting in the recent launch of PET technology for use in the most demanding of applications.


As being one of the best Plastic Bag Manufacturers and Suppliers in UAE , we believe in providing value to our customers.  We have an efficient, dedicated, and inspired team that has been trained in-house to handle the most cutting-edge technology. We’ve pioneered a number of modern and groundbreaking print methods, as well as successfully completing new and demanding assignments on time and to a high standard. The success of our company is due to our customers.   Only our commitment to delivering highly competitive prices matches our dedication to quality.


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