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How biodegradable plastics can bring a better future?


29 Dec 2021


It’s high time to think about our increasing plastic use. From packaging and wrapping items to electronics, plastics became a part of our daily lives and it’s difficult to completely avoid these polymer compounds. But don’t you think we have crossed the line of polluting the earth with such non- degradable substances? Plastics won’t degrade even after hundreds of years and remain in the soil, water or in the atmosphere causing severe pollution. Science has advanced and made better contributions to each and every aspect of human development. So the concept of bio- degradable plastics is something good as a first step towards a sustainable solution to control pollution. Let’s discuss what bio- degradable plastics are and how it can become a better option for replacing the harmful non- degradable ones. And don’t forget to find the quality biodegradable plastic bags, UAE in our website which can change your concepts of eco- friendly plastics.


What are biodegradable plastics and how they benefit us for a healthy living?


Biodegradable plastics/ bio plastics decomposes naturally in the environment as they are mostly made up of plant based raw materials, which enables the natural decomposition. They are less harmful to the environment and can easily break down by the microorganisms. They benefit a lot for us and for the environment and can be termed as eco- friendly plastics than ordinary plastics. The industrial processing of biodegradable plastic bags is similar to ordinary plastic manufacturing. The difference is that, biodegradable plastics are made from materials that are easily decomposable by micro organisms.


You can see bio- plastics and biodegradable plastics as somewhat similar. But the major difference is that bio-plastics are made from natural plant extracts like corn starch and biodegradable plastics from traditional petrochemicals but designed to break down faster. The additives present in them speed up the decay process in the presence of light and oxygen. The factors of heat, light, moisture accelerate the break down process and some need even higher industrial- scale temperatures to degrade. The common degradable plastics include Polybutylene succinate (PBS), polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH/PVA), Polybutyrate adipate trephthalate (PBAT), Polycaprolactone (PCL), which are used to make plastic bags and other products by many of the biodegradable plastic bags, UAE. So what are the benefits of using eco- friendly plastics?


Benefits of Bio-degradable Plastics


• Less Greenhouse Gas emissions


Traditional plastics emit high amount of green house gases, when burnt. The surveys clearly state that we use nearly 100 million tons of plastics every year. Such huge production releases more than 500 million tons of CO2 in to the atmosphere. Replacing traditional plastics with bio- degradable plastics can reduce the amount of green house gas emission, which ultimately prevents global warming and related hazards.


• Reduce the CO2 levels in the atmosphere


Plastic products create large amount of waste in the environment. Our soil, water and even the space is contaminated from various plastic wastes and what could be more, the micro plastics in the water resources is killing the aquatic organisms and changing the aquatic environment to a dreadful condition. Biodegradable plastics on the other hand decompose and release only the energy that was used to create it. As fossil fuels are not used in their production, they release less carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere.


• Enhance the soil fertility


Bio-plastics can be a good compost source and will make the soil fertile. As bio- degradable plastics are not made from chemical materials, they can decompose well in the soil and enhance fertility.


• Less petroleum consumption


Petroleum products are the key ingredients in traditional plastics. As we know that petroleum are non- renewable sources of energy but the fact is that about 3% of petroleum is used to make plastic products. Biodegradable plastics are made of natural resources or use only less petroleum products for manufacturing, which drastically lessen the environmental hazards.


• Less production of waste


Bio-degradable plastics break down easily in the soil to convert in to compost. The decomposition rate is more and there will be fewer wastes in the soil than the traditional plastics, which adds about 32 million tons of trash annually.


• Low energy consumption during manufacturing


Bio- degradable plastic products are manufactured with less energy compared to ordinary plastics. Only fewer fossil fuels are used in their production, hence reducing the environmental pollution and the release of green house gas to a large extent.


• They are easy to recycle


Bio- degradable plastics degrade faster and are non- toxic to the environment. They can be recycled to bio- wastes and used as compost or renewable energy for biogas.


Plastic bags are the most used and sold products in the market as they are used for various purposes like packaging and wrapping. When we replace ordinary plastics with bio- degradable ones, they can be made in to a new industry for export as well as for marketing. Biodegradable products and plastic bags will be in high demand very soon. So with a mission to create a sustainable solution for plastics, Superplast plastic bags manufacturing company in UAE, creates and distributes a wide range of plastic bags with quality standards and at fair prices. Through our sustainable manufacturing practices, we aim to be one of the best biodegradable plastic bags suppliers in UAE, utilizing advanced technology n the field.


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