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Green Solutions: The Promise of Biodegradable Plastic Bags


11 Jan 2024



Plastics are an indispensable element of our daily lives. Starting food items that come in plastic packets we use this material for packaging and construction. Think about the last thing you used. 9 out of 10 people will come with an item made or packaged in plastic. 430 million tonnes of plastic! This is the average quantity of plastic that we produce over a year. Data obtained from the UN website on plastic pollution shows that two-thirds of this quantity is used for only a short period. The impacts of plastics that get dumped in oceans and landfills are already established by scientific research. Here we will have a discourse on a solution. And this solution is in the form of biodegradable plastic bags.


So what are these Biodegradable plastic bags?


These bags are materials having a similar constitution to that of plastics. Sourced from starch, fossil fuels, and microorganisms these materials will decay in the presence of light and oxygen. The problem with real plastic is that it will take centuries to decompose. These biodegradable alternatives which will decompose in 2 to 3 years seem like a light in the direction of a green future.


Biodegradability explained


The biodegradability of these bags is ensured by certain additives in the plastic-like compound. These additives also called pro-oxidant additives influence the breaking up of this material. Proper sunlight, temperature, and oxygen are prerequisites for this decomposition. Excited to buy biodegradable plastic bags Dubai for your retail store? Here are some extra details before you make the choice.


Versatility and Practicality


These materials are used widely in plastic bags, shopping bags, food packaging, envelopes, etc. Also, these bags can be manufactured for different sizes and customized for durability and strength. The advancements in technology ensure that it adheres to sustainability protocols while offering versatile utility. Biodegradable plastic bags Dubai have found their market because of the growing demand for sustainable solutions.


Consumer awareness and responsibility


This, being an alternative to plastic is a relief in inception. However, there is one underlying problem in serving the sustainability goals. That has to do with the conditions on which these plastics decompose. Optimum temperatures, sunlight, and oxygen levels may not be available at landfills and ocean bottoms. In such a situation, it is important to dispose of these materials where such conditions are available. And littering should not be excused on the availability of biodegradable plastic bags Dubai. Better consumer awareness programs on the availability and disposal of these materials have to be made available to effectively leverage this environment-friendly alternative.

European Plastic Converters have published a document on the downside of this technological innovation. Even though it is an expression of extreme wings, it can be used for the responsible handling of biodegradable plastics. With a greener future in our psyche let us strive to remove plastic toxins from Mother Earth. In that direction, biodegradable plastics can offer emphatic steps for a better tomorrow. Now it’s time for you to find the best manufacturer of this environment-friendly option. And it’s provided with a commitment to quality, by Super Plast Plastic Factory. 15+ years of experience in this field make us a trustworthy partner for your plastic bag needs.

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