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Food Storage in Shopping Bags: Is It Safe


3 May 2023


Do you think reusable grocery shopping bags are a healthy option to carry food items? Many environment-cognizant consumers are likely to use such grocery bags instead of plastic.


Well, I can say a big No!


Due to grocery shopping bags harming the environment, it is much better to carry groceries in plastic bags. Using a grocery bag is an extremely unhygienic and unhealthy option. The materials of grocery tote bags are made up of pure cotton to woven synthetics where you can easily carry clothes and stationaries instead of edibles. Super Plast, a top-notch Plastic carry bag manufacturer in the UAE, is here to provide efficient plastic carry bags for our customers in the UAE. Let’s discuss some of the health hazards created by grocery shopping bags in detail and tips to take care of your grocery shopping bag:


Health Threats in Using Grocery Shopping Bags



As we mentioned, the grocery shopping bag is not a favourable choice, let’s look at how it triggers your health:



They might easily attract dust and dirt where edible items stay unhygienic and unhealthy inside them. Grocery bags are not fully covered or concealed which might easily cause bacterial and fungal infections through the food items which are kept open by letting the air pass over them. Until you are wholly splashed and sterile, the bacteria might get doubled in favour of the contaminated food items. When it gets soggy inside the bag, the bacteria again attract which can result in severe health conditions and put you in significant health risks. Most of the trendy tote grocery bags are too pricey compared to plastic carry bags, whereas reusable bags predominantly bring several health risks along. Being the best plastic bag manufacturers in UAE; we are recommending to use plastic bags instead of grocery shopping bags to avoid such health hazards.


Tips to Take Care of Your Grocery Shopping Bag


● It is better to clean your bag frequently to avoid dirt and dust
● Separate items using different bags
● keep it for a short period
● Use a liquid detergent and cold water to clean
● Hang the bag to keep it dry for further use.




So, let us conclude that a tote shopping bag is not a better option to carry groceries. Instead large grocery bags can be used for storing clothes, important documents, shoes/chappals, tools, and equipment. If you are using a shopping bag to store grocery stuff and then using it for other purposes is not good at all. It can cause harmful bacterial infections and dirt which may also affect your food items. The reasons mentioned here claim that grocery shopping bags are not a favourable option to carry edibles. I hope this guide was helpful for you. If you would like to get our plastic carry bags, feel free to contact us. As the best plastic carry bag manufacturers in UAE, we are here to bring you the finest one.

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