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Exploring The Benefits of Using Biodegradable Plastic


3 Oct 2022


As defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, a biodegradable material is a thing or substance that can “decay spontaneously and in a form that is not hazardous.” To put it in simple words, if a substance is biodegradable, bacteria or fungi will eventually break it down into smaller parts.


However, as there is no set time by which a biodegradable item must have started to decompose, this can be a little confusing. That is the primary distinction between recyclable and biodegradable plastics. And a crucial factor to bear in mind while selecting biodegradable bags for your business. There are many Plastic Manufacturing Companies in Dubai that offer you strong and sturdy bags which is easily biodegradable.


Superplasts Biodegradable bags



A 100% biodegradable product manufactured from a mixture of co-polyester and PLA, Superplasts is delighted to be one of the leading independent Plastic Manufacturing Companies in Dubai.


The main characteristics of this Superplasts biodegradable bag include the following:


a. Is eco-friendly
b. Can be completely recycled
c. Has equal strength and weight as compared to conventional plastic
d. Is Leakproof
e. Degrades on land as well as water


5 benefits of biodegradable bags



There are several advantages to adopting Biodegradable Plastic Bags in UAE. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons for doing so for your company.


1. Decreased Carbon Emissions


Made of PLA bioplastic, Superplasts distinctive biodegradable substance is unique. We provide eco-friendly and safe biodegradable plastic bags in Dubai. This product’s manufacturing process emits far fewer carbon emissions than typical plastic because it is plant-based. Biodegradable plastics have a 500% lower carbon footprint than conventional plastic, emitting only 0.8 tons instead of four tons.


2. Waste Reduction


At the moment, the UAE produces about 30 million tons of residential waste annually, of which roughly 35% is made up of yard and kitchen waste. As biodegradable plastics degrade over time, less waste is generated and ends up in landfills, which reduces the amount of waste that is generated. There is less waste to manage overall since landfills can store less rubbish thus conserving our planet’s beauty and protecting land for future uses.


3. Recycling and Reusing


Bioplastics are significantly superior to conventional plastic types in that they contain oils that are derived from plants. Oils increase the malleability and brittleness of bioplastics’ surfaces, allowing for the creation of new shapes and textures.


They may be shaped in a variety of appealing ways to meet your needs and are just as moldable as traditional plastics. Furthermore, they have a long-life cycle and can be recycled and reused numerous times.


4. Reduced Pollution


Biodegradable materials gradually degrade spontaneously and are absorbed by soil and other elements of the environment. There will be less pollution as a result of this natural process since no forced chemical reaction is required to initiate the process.


They are simple to recycle and don’t release any harmful substances because they breakdown faster than conventional plastics.


5. Non-toxic


Conventional plastics are made with dangerous via-products and chemical compounds which might be a threat to the environment and lifestyles as properly. They’re likely to emit those harmful substances at some point in the breakdown process. What’s worse is that the plastic used for maximum widespread water bottles, and pet, can entice harmful micro-organisms or even leak chemicals.


But this isn’t always the case with biodegradable plastic. They are secure and don’t release pollutants throughout their break down system. They may be absorbed through the natural soil process.


Final thoughts



As mentioned above, there are numerous benefits of biodegradable plastics. They’re safe for the environment and hence are very much recommended for safer earth.


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