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Even With Abu Dhabi’s Plastic Ban, Meet Some Approved Forms of Plastic That Brings no Harm to Environment


25 Jul 2022


With the part of saving the world, countries are taking themselves innumerable reformation. Plastic ban is one of the crucial staps taken all around. Plastics cause hazardous affects on earth as they are non0biodegradable and does not allow water into earth. But our lives seem difficult without plastics, and without its comfort. So science has become a saviour as always and has crafted biodegradable plastics to suffice both the comfort of mankind and wounds of the earth. Superplasts has took its initiative and has took its initiative and has become one of the biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in UAE. And we feel the responsibility to enlighten the mankind on switching to biodegradable plastics and here we let you know about them.


What are biodegradable plastics?


The first step is to know exactly what biodegradable plastics are. Biodegradable plastics are scientifically manufactured plastic that are degradable by microbial action to give water and carbon dioxide as end results in a reasonable period of time. With the material, methods and climatic conditions, the time period taken to degrade can vary with each biodegradable plastics. And there are also compostable plastics which are proven to be more effective and degradable faster.


Plastics that meet ASTM specifications D6400 or D6868 are refferred to be biodegradable and compostable on land, while on marine environment the specifications tend to be ASTM D7081


Different biodegradable plastics


Biobased polyster plastics


Biobased plastics are derived from plants and is popularly made of 2 materials from plants: biomass and polysters. Majorly there are 2 types of polysters including polyactide acide (PLA) and polyhydrozyalkanoate (PHA)





PHA are produces naturally by bacteria and genetically modified organisms (GMO) plants which tend to degrade completely in environment rich in microbes and fungi, taking around 2 months in the backyard and in much slower pace in marine. PHB is also widely used. These are commonly used for food wraps, cups, plates, coating for paper, and cardboard, and other medical risks like for coating, for medicines etc.




PLA us a thermoplastic made by fermentation of bacteria which is comparably inexpensive, but brittle. It takes up to 6 to 8 months to degrade in commercial facilities and hard to decompose in the backyard. These are popularly used as grocery bags, food packages, bottle, cups, and plastics.


Biomass based biodegradable plastics


With starch and cellulose obtained from crop residues, wood etc we produce biomass based plastics. Cellulose is present obtained from cotton wood and crop waste which is made into plastic that can be degraded up to 70% of its weight with 18 months in nature. While starch is treated with heat, water and plasticiers to make thermoplastic which can be degraded in 90 days with industrial facilities. These are commonly used in packaging, bags and flower pots, agricultural mulch films etc.


Fossil fuel based biodegradable plastics


Some common fossil fuel based biodegradable plastics are polycaprolactone succinate (PBS), polycaprolactone (PCL), polybutyrate adipate terephthalate ( PBAT), and polyvinyl alchohol (PVOH / PVA)


Give your hands to save the earth without compromising comfort with the best biodegradable plastic manufacturers in UAE.

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