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Degradable plastic bags: What is it? How is it made?

5 Dec 2021


Degradable in the sense a living thing called fungi or bacteria can break down the things that finally form the part of the organic waste. Plastic bags can be synthetic or biodegradable on account of from which source they are made. Normal plastic bags are synthetic one’s made from petrochemicals with resilient long polymer chains and they can last long for years without breaking down.


Biodegradable bags on the other hand are made from organic materials, renewal sources, corn, grains, vegetable oil etc. They are often termed as oxy degradable or photodegradable. They are compostable and decompose fast to create humus in the soil. So if you concentrate more on eco- friendly plastics for regular or commercial use, find 100% oxo biodegradable bags made from pure organic materials from a certified biodegradable plastic bags manufacturer in UAE.


Is Oxo degradable plastics 100% biodegradable?


Since 2017, Middle East nations have introduced new regulations on plastic manufacturing and product packing. As per the regulations of SASO, all plastic products must be made of an approved oxo degradable material and biodegradable plastic bags Dubai become compulsory in all supermarkets, as it is alleged to break down much faster than normal plastics. Here are some pellucid facts on oxo degradable plastics with which you can decide whether to approach biodegradable plastic bags suppliers in the UAE or not.


✓ Even though oxo degradable plastics are said to be broken down faster than normal plastics, expert views say that it may not be an environmentally friendly option as it claims.
✓ They are degradable but not good for recycling due to their chemical compositions.
✓ Oxo degradable plastic bags will break down into small pieces in the soil but are found to be not completely degradable.
✓ They oxidise fast in hot and humid temperatures and thus oxo degradable plastics are suitable for Middle East climates.


Although any type of plastics have their own pros and cons, it’s better to agree on a green policy. Plastics cannot be completely exempted from our life. Rather, choose more biodegradable products made from natural or vegetable origins to keep our planet out of danger. There are many biodegradable plastic bags manufacturers in the UAE providing complete solutions for regular and commercial plastic bag needs. Choose a certified biodegradable plastic bags supplier in UAE offering a full suite of oxo degradable bags, virgin plastic bags manufactured on different sizes, right microns and at unbeatable prices.


As one of the engaging biodegradable plastic bag suppliers in UAE, Super Plasts plastic finds the best solution for all plastic carry bag needs in all sectors of the economy. We manufacture and supplies biodegradable plastic bags, Dubai, majorly focussing on 100% virgin oxo biodegradable bags( HDPE & LDPE), garbage bags, carry bags, banana cut bags etc , fulfilling the corporate social Responsibility in protecting nature incorporating the emerging trends of the client markets.

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