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Classification of Plastic Bags


5 Nov 2022


Selecting the ideal plastic bag might be a challenge given the variety of options available. This is primarily because different materials are used to make plastic bags, and each of these materials gives users specific benefits. They also come in a variety of blended colors and shapes. If you are looking for plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai, then this is for you.


There are so many different types of plastic bags available, but by becoming familiar with each one, you can definitely cut down your options and pick the best bag for your purposes. Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the various kinds of plastic bags that are currently on the market.


1. High-Density Polyurethane (HDPE)


HDPE is one of the most widely used polymers in the world and has a number of qualities that make it a great material for making plastic bags. It is not only lightweight but also has high tensile strength, is reasonably transparent, and is water and temperature resistant.


HDPE plastic bags adhere to USDA and FDA food handling regulations, making them a preferred option for keeping and serving food in takeout and retail.


HDPE plastic bags are used in households as well as in restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and delis for storage and packing needs. Other products that use HDPE include laundry bags, T-shirt bags, rubbish bags, and utility bags.


2. Low-Density Polyurethane (LDPE)


This type of bag is used to make utility bags, food bags, bread bags, and bags that require a moderate amount of strength and stretch. Even though they are not as sturdy as HDPE bags, LDPE bags can be used to store bulk goods, especially food and meat products.


Furthermore, the contents are simple to distinguish because of the clear plastic, which helps restaurateurs keep up in the hectic environment of commercial kitchens.


Due to its low melting point and high versatility, LDPE plastic bags are frequently used for heat-sealing. LDPE complies with USDA and FDA food handling regulations and is occasionally used to produce bubble wrap.



3. Linear Low-Density Polyurethane (LLDPE)


The primary difference between LLDPE and LDPE plastic bags is that the latter has a little thinner gauge. However, the best part about this plastic is that there is no difference in strength, allowing customers to save money without compromising quality.


LLDPE bags have a fair level of transparency and are used to make garbage bags, newspaper bags, shopping bags, and food bags. You can use them to store food in freezers and refrigerators, which is why commercial kitchens utilise them to store bulk food.



4. Medium Density Polyurethane (MDPE)


MDPE is somewhat clearer than HDPE, but it isn’t as transparent as low-density polyethylene. MDPE bags are not recommended for the transportation or keeping of bulk goods because they do not expand well and do not have a high level of strength.


MDPE, on the other hand, is a widely utilized material for garbage bags and is typically used in the packaging of paper goods for consumer usage, such as toilet paper or paper towels.


5. Polypropylene (PP)


PP bags stand out for their incredible chemical resistance and durability. Because they have a longer shelf life than other bags and are not porous, polypropylene bags are perfect for retail settings. Food items including chocolates, nuts, herbs, and other confections can be readily preserved in bags made of PP, which is also used for food packaging.


These bags are more transparent than others, giving consumers more visibility. Because of their high melting point, PP bags are excellent for heat sealing. Just, like other types of plastic bags, PP bags are also USDA and FDA-approved for handling foods.


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