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Biodegradable Plastic Bags – Why Are They So Important


30 Nov 2022


Are you looking for Biodegradable Plastic Bags in Dubai? If so, you have come to the right place. There are many benefits of biodegradable plastic bags. Read on to know what they are.


Plastics are omnipresent nowadays as they are used in every area including the making of cutleries, packaging items, bottles, clothes, pens, furniture, and many more. They are versatile in 3D modeling, durability, and ease of work within various manufacturing and production procedures. To be short, it can be really challenging to imagine our daily lives without plastic. But is worth risking the planet earth?


Plastics have many disadvantages, especially their negative impact on the climate. This includes landfill and pollution due to plastic. Did you know that plastics take centuries before they break down naturally?


There are so many environmental problems with the use of plastics. Keeping that in mind, many manufacturers are making advancements in their products by using biodegradable plastics.


Biodegradable plastics can decompose naturally in the environment as they are designed in such a way that they break down easily. The natural microorganisms in the product are less harmful to the environment.


Biodegradable plastics are eco-friendly as they carry many environmental benefits as compared to ordinary ones. Here are some of the benefits of biodegradable plastics.


1. Easy to recycle


These plastics can be easily recycled using an organic method and require less time to degrade when thrown than other varieties. Due to the absence of chemicals and poisons, they are also non-toxic. Recycling reduces the problems with landfills, and the biowaste that is recycled can also be used to make compost or renewable energy for biogas.


2. Consume less energy while manufacturing


More money is indeed needed to produce biodegradable polymers, but in the end, it is worthwhile. Biodegradable plastic products will undoubtedly prove to be the better choice when the costs associated with cleanup are added to the negative environmental effects.


Compared to conventional plastics, biodegradable plastics use less energy to manufacture. For instance, the production of polymers made from corn uses 65% less energy than a polymer made from petroleum. Furthermore, the procedure of locating, accessing, and transporting hydrocarbons is not necessary for the production of bioplastics.


This will result in less pollution because fewer fossil fuels will be used. Also, it significantly benefits the environment because during manufacturing it creates 68% fewer greenhouse gases.


3. Reducing the amount of waste produced


Biodegradable plastic only decomposes over a few months depending on the substance used to manufacture the bioplastic and the manner of disposal. 13 percent of the waste stream, or 32 million tons of garbage per year, is made up of other typical plastic types, of which only 9 percent can be recycled.


The use of biodegradable plastics is preferable because they degrade quickly, may be absorbed by the soil, and can even be turned into compost. Furthermore, even if a total breakdown does not take place, it is simple to reduce the amount of area needed to get rid of the world’s plastic waste.


4. Lower Petroleum consumption


Oil plays a crucial role in the production of conventional polymers. Given the amount of waste generated during refinement and the extraction of oil from the soil, petroleum is recognized to have a negative influence on the environment. What we must remember is that, like other fossil fuels, petroleum is a non-renewable resource that deserves to be safeguarded.


Biodegradable plastics encourage the idea of natural products and hence it is necessary to use them to reduce the amount of petroleum used and lessen its climatic hazards. Many Biodegradable Plastic Bags Suppliers in Dubai will give you amazing biodegradable products at an affordable price.


5. Ability to compost


Enhancing soil fertility by composting bioplastic products. This is because natural materials rather than synthetic chemicals are used to create plastic. The materials decompose, enhance the soil’s capacity to retain water and nutrients, and support the development of healthier plants without the need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


6. Reduced Carbon Dioxide Levels


The way the world is today, human society has never produced as much waste as we are currently doing. And a significant portion of it is made up of plastic products. Even our sources of drinking water, which make up just 1% of the world’s total water resources, are becoming dangerously contaminated.


Over time, there has been a tremendous increase in the production of plastics. According to calculations made by scientists, there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish by the year 2050. At that point, 80 percent of the water supply will be contaminated with microplastic.


The world envisions a future of plastics that can degrade and release only the amount of energy that was required to manufacture. Thanks to biodegradable polymers, like those made from sugar and carbon dioxide by researchers from the University of Bath.


Carbon dioxide emissions are also reduced because fossil fuels are not needed to make such environmentally beneficial, biodegradable plastic products. The amount of CO2 released during their decomposition is equal to what was consumed during their production.


7. Reduction of emission of greenhouse gas levels


The quantity of greenhouse gas emissions is decreased by using products made of biodegradable plastic rather than conventional plastics. According to research from North Carolina State University, plastic products affect landfills because when burnt, they release an intoxicating greenhouse gas.


A little statistical analysis would show that we use almost 100 million tons of plastic annually. And a stunning 500 million tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere during the creation of plastic products. If you’re curious about how much carbon dioxide it is, it is equal to the annual emissions from 19 million vehicles.


By switching to bioplastics, greenhouse gas emissions can be significantly reduced, preventing effects like desertification and catastrophic flooding.


8. Biodegradable plastic products do not release harmful chemicals during decomposition.


In addition to releasing methane and other pollutants into the environment, discarding conventional plastics can also result in the release of dangerous compounds. These compounds have the potential to be toxic as they degrade since they can readily harm both terrestrial and marine ecosystems, as well as the general health of people.


For example, bisphenol A, a key ingredient in the creation of plastics, has been linked to endocrine disruption, which is extremely damaging to human reproduction. Traditional plastics also contain other synthetic compounds that have been connected to illnesses like cancer.


By switching to biodegradable plastics, we can reduce the amount of these dangerous products we release into the environment, improving the quality of life for future generations.


9. Products Made of Biodegradable Plastic are Destroyed by Naturally Occurring Bacteria


Products made of biodegradable plastic are a bit more in tune with nature. It’s simpler for us to properly regulate them because their breakdown doesn’t generate any toxic byproducts. Bacteria in the soil begin to decompose once it is buried.


This leaves us with a tolerable amount of garbage. Also, because this decomposition process is natural, no fossil fuels or energy are used, making it both economical and efficient.


10. Biodegradable plastics mix well with traditional products.


This is one of the best advantages of biodegradable plastic items. Once the necessary biodegradable substance has been made into a polymer, it may be mixed with the conventional materials used to make plastic with ease. Therefore, it is not necessary to create whole new items to develop biodegradable plastic products.


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