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Bio-based plastics and renewable attributed plastics


2 Feb 2022


Plastics are made using polymers as the main raw material. Since plastics have a number of properties it can easily be used to make a wide range of things. From containers to bags the utility of plastic is immeasurable. Plastics have usually been made using non-renewable sources like petroleum but nowadays due to the rising issue of wastage the production of plastic using renewable sources have come into being. One of the largely produced product using plastics are bags. While they are very useful, they also cause a threat to environment if not properly disposed. Hence it has been recognised that using bio-based plastics is more sustainable. Taking into consideration the threats posed to environment plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai have now turned to producing plastic using resources from bio-based and renewable attributed plastics.


Being one of the leading plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai, Superplast Plastic Factory produces different types of biodegradable plastic bags. A number of everyday plastics bags are produced by our company. Superplast Plastic Factory have been in the field of Biodegradable Plastic Bags Suppliers in UAE for a very long time and have been successfully manufacturing and supplying biodegradable bags.

Advantages of Bio-based plastics


Keeping in mind all the advantages of bio-based products and after proper researching and findings Superplast Plastic Factory, the biodegradable plastic suppliers in UAE have been manufacturing environmentally friendly products. Using biodegradable plastic ensures a greener planet for the future. There are a number of advantages of using bio-based plastic bags. Some of them are listed below:


• Bio-plastics are non-toxic
• They save non-renewable resources like fossil fuels
• They cause less pollution
• They are easy to dispose
• Carbon Emission is reduced
• They are easily recyclable
• Consumes less energy in the process of manufacturing
• Minimized landfill issues

Our Products


Well known among the plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai, our products ranges from shopping bags to laundry bags. Along with a wide range of products we also customize according to the needs of our customers. Bags with printing known as Flexographic printing is provided by us. Some of our products are given below.


• Plastic Shopping Bags
• Garbage Bags
• Laundry Bags
• Biohazard Bags
• Poly Bags
• Biodegradable Bags



Producing the best biodegradable bags Dubai, Superplast Plastic is the number one choice among the Biodegradable Plastic Bags Suppliers in UAE. This is because our products are:


Best in the market
Available in different size, colors, cuts, prints, thick (also customizable)
Eco friendly
Reasonable price
Premium Quality


Superplast Plastic Factory, thus provides alternative solutions to conventional plastic bags. Our company makes quality bags with reasonable price. Customized bags of different sizes, cuts, prints etc are also done by us. We have buyers from different categories and we can assure that you will find what you need with us.
We can also say with assurance that Superlast Plastic Factory is one among the best plastic manufacturing companies in Dubai. Biodegradable plastic bags in Dubai have seen an increase and advantageous usage over the years. Using environment friendly products is a responsibility to our society. By switching from unsustainable plastics to sustainable plastics one can be a part of this joint effort.


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