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An Environmental Comparison With Biodegradable vs. Compostable Garbage Bags


22 Dec 2022


There are certain key differences to be made, even if compostable and biodegradable bags are essential to maintaining our lovely Earth. You must be aware of a few things in order to choose the garbage bags that are best for the environment because these two are not the same type.


There are many garbage manufacturers in UAE that can give you the best bags but before that learn the difference between biodegradable and compostable and learn which is the best.


What does compostable mean?


In simple words, composting is a type of biodegradation that occurs in a compost pile at a high temperature and in the presence of oxygen. This will produce compost.


A product is said to be compostable when it is easily broken down by organisms and microorganisms. This transform into an organic compound that you can use as a natural fertilizer for farming and gardening.


What does biodegradable mean?


On the other hand, a biodegradable product is one that breaks down naturally by the action of the environment and microorganisms. For instance, a bioplastic that uses living organisms such as plants rather than solely fossil fuels qualify as a “biodegradable” material. Biodegradable materials are made to decompose in landfills and not in household compost bins.


What is the difference between biodegradable Vs compostable garbage bags?


1. Compostable garbage bags


Compostable garbage bags are made of bioplastics made from plant starch. Like any plant material, starch gets easily broken down by microbes in soil and compost piles. It does not include heavy metals, petroleum-based polymers, or hazardous byproducts. These bags are designed to break down in a compost pile or, more frequently, in a commercial composting facility.


2. Biodegradable garbage bags


Biodegradable garbage bags look like regular kitchen garbage bags as they are made of plastic that is derived from petroleum. However, they are digestible by the kinds of bacteria found in landfills, unlike your typical garbage bag. These organisms divide the big plastic chains into smaller plastic chains.


Sometimes, heavy metals are included in the plastic to achieve this. Some bacterial species, whose respiration relies on metals rather than oxygen, thrive in the anaerobic waste environment and feed on these metal-infused plastics as a food supply.


Are these compostable / biodegradable bags recyclable?


You cannot recycle compostable or biodegradable garbage bags. They must be either put in a regular waste container or, in the case of compostable bags, used for compost.


How do compostable garbage bags help the environment?


Compostable bags not only prevent any kind of plastic or waste from entering landfills but they also go a step further by returning essential nutrients to the soil through composting. Knowing that you are giving back the “something” that keeps the environment alive and growing in addition to assisting the environment by reducing pollution is immensely gratifying.


So, which bags are the best compostable or biodegradable?


Based on the above, we can confidently say that compostable garbage bags are a fantastic choice between biodegradable and compostable garbage bags. Though biodegradable bags provide their share of eco-friendly benefits, compostable garbage bags are much quicker into turning into organic fertilizer.


In all seriousness, compostable bags are far more environmentally friendly than their biodegradable counterparts because they break down much more quickly and don’t leave behind residues. However, biodegradable bags are a fantastic place to start if you don’t have access to compost bins in any manner, shape, or form, or if you aren’t quite ready to make the entire change.


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